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All Guarantee in our Vehicles


Ask us for any type of information of any vehicle: rack number, maintenance book ...

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Hello, I am Nicolás Ortuño, Manager of CarShop Murcia, I want to inform you in parts of some important details that must be taken into account when buying a vehicle.

1º Year of the Vehicle. Always start from the year that is more economically affordable.
2º Kilometers made on highway.
3º Number of owners.
4º Smoker.
5º Maintaince book.
6º State of the vehicle in general.
7º Mileage.

Why the last Mileage? Mathematical examples:
Vehicle 1: 80% driving on the highway. 120 km/h x 10 use hours = 1.200 kilometers. 120.000 kilometers divided by 120 Km/h= 1.000 use hours.

Vehicle 2: 80% urban driving: go shopping, take children to school, go to work, etc..., this means: stop, start, up, down, park... Increases the use of vehicles) 50 km/h x 10 use hours = 500 kilometers. 120.000 kilometers divided by 50 Km/h= 2.400 use hours.

Now you understand why there are vehicles with 150,000 km of use on the highway and are really like new and do not appear their mileage, instead you will find vehicles with 80,000 kilometers of urban routes and are very emaciated and have symptoms of much wear.

Mechanics of vehicles.
If you talk to any mechanic it will tell you that the state of an engine depends on the maintenance services. Examples, oil changes every 30,000 kilometers, a car with 5 oil changes per 30,000 km has a total of 150,000 kilometers. You ask .. which manufacturer designs a motor to make 5 changes of oil and after those 5 changes that the engine no longer serves ?. That's the important thing !! That the vehicle has all its revisions at the official dealer. The engines are manufactured to make between 12 and 15 oil changes, of course changing their spare parts and accessories in their estimated hours of use by the manufacturer.

I hope you find this information useful, at the end of it is about being well trained and informed to make any purchase and we are satisfied.

TIP: Look at the car carefully, find out if the use has been on highway, always ask for the maintenance book and do not obsess about kilometers because it is not a question of buying a car with few kilometers, since I have seen cars with 50,000 kilometers and I would not buy them nor to sell them and at least for my personal use.