Used Audi Vehicles In Murcia With Accessories And Parking Assistance Audi Park Assist


Parking assistance

Audi cars offer a variety of different parking systems for your complete line of models. Indispensably they use ultrasound, optical and acoustic signals or a rear view camera, whose images are displayed on the on-board display. It is certainly the most convenient solution for a parking attendant.

Innovation, currently parking comfortably by means of an almost automatic steering is something very comfortable. The system, using ultrasonic sensors, recognizes a suitable parking space when passing by. It also facilitates the whole process of parking, first the movement of the steering is assumed by the vehicle while the driver only has the responsibility to control the speed when accelerating and braking. Audi park assist is activated and deactivated according to the need of the driver by means of a pushbutton. In addition to this system can be added up to four environment cameras depending on the car model.