A Relatively New And Very Useful Safety System, Which Can Act In Combination With Other Systems Of The Car And Provides Us With Safety.

Signal recognition speed limit warning system

What is the detection of traffic signals?

A relatively new and very useful safety system, which can act in combination with other systems of the car and provides us with safety. Act as a tireless observer of our environment. It is the system of detection of road signs and, as its name suggests is something quite generic and with many implementations. In principle this system is an automatic warning of speed limits, prohibition signs, can also be a warning for when we change lanes involuntarily. The system detects and recognizes the signals by the use of video cameras, mainly, and presents the driver with the data in real time, so that if the driver gets out of the way and loses some signal, he will be able to consult the limitations on the dashboard. section.

The simple system of warning of speed limit by signal recognition allows to know easily the speed allowed in each moment in the information system of the driver. The camera-based system also recognizes the temporary speed limitations in works and in digital panels. In case the cameras do not recognize any signal, the speed limit, if any, will be indicated according to the navigation data.