The System Acts Within Its Limits Offering Assistance To The Driver Who Remains Responsible For The Driving Of The Vehicle

Trailer coupling

The phrase "technology in the service of humanity", has never been so well used as in this case the hook with trailer assistant Audi

It is very simple interface, to use it the driver only has to orient the car with the trailer to the direction in which he wants to park, as if we were to do it without the help of the assistant. Then from here, just press the button on the assisted parking system on the console, select the reverse and ... forget the steering wheel!

The driver controls the movement with the MMI control and the vehicle takes control of the steering wheel.

The wizard will take control of the steering wheel to maneuver the trailer in reverse.


Characteristics of the trailer assistant:

It is an aid to the driver in the driving of the reverse trailer


Stability. The trailer no longer needs to be manually stabilized by the driver


Security. When maneuvering the system it avoids the collision between the vehicle and the trailer


Comfort. The vehicle is operated from the MMI control

Security. Information on the MMI display on the maneuver and position of the trailer